Your Combined Truck Load Carrier

Cargo moves better together. Carpooling but for road cargo. Powered by RoadOS.

Faster, lower cost, and better for the environment


For carriers and fowarders

Save up to 30% by shipping your cargo through Redistri, your trusted on demand partner.

Or get any additional capacity you need in a moments notice, while having complete control, just like your own fleet.

We provide any road cargo carrier or forwarder with additional capacity that fits their needs, all in a moments notice, and on demand.

Quick, easy, simple.


Combined Truck Load (CTL)

Make quick and easy use of our Combined Truck Load (CTL) service. Simply sign-up and enjoy the benefits.

Our Combined Truck Load (CTL) service fits between LTL and FTL services within the market. We take the benefits of shipping through FTL and apply it to LTL.

Quicker, safer, cheaper


RoadOS. The OS of road transport

We're building Europe's first truly data driven autonomous road cargo carrier. The Redistri network is managed autonomously by RoadOS, our in-house developed technology. This enables Redistri to forward logistics into digitalisation.

One network, one platform


Directly from A to B, no more hubs

Redistri says goodbye to the hub-and-spoke model and introduces the area-to-area model. By combining cargo shipments with our in-house developed platform, RoadOS, Redistri bypasses the need for distribution hubs.

This increases efficiency, decreases the pressure on the environment and lowers costs and the chance of damage.



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